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Video: Foro Mundial de Productores de Plantas Prohibidas

Los productores y las productoras de plantas prohibidas enfrentan conflictos con las autoridades y con el propio mercado de drogas. Comunidades enteras se ven estigmatizadas, criminalizadas y encarceladas. Las políticas internacionales en materia de drogas podrían dar un giro a esta situación si tuvieran en cuenta sus demandas. Este vídeo recoge momentos y testimonios del Foro Mundial en que pequeños productores y productoras de todo el mundo compartieron sus experiencias y conocimientos, y que culminó con la Declaración de Heemskerk.

Growers Forum Working Groups: Photo Gallery

The working groups were formed in order to ensure each participant’s contribution and involvement in the discussion of the forum’s four thematic issues: forced eradication, different uses of plants declared illicit, sustainable rural development, and drugs & conflict. Read the Heemskerk Declaration to view the results of these discussions.

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Featured photo: Opening plenary session (Photo credit: Floris Leeuwenberg)

Cannabis in the Caribbean

A Presentation by Junior “Spirit” Cottle

Cannabis represents livelihood for rural families. It is the means by which they can feed, clothe and provide shelter for their children.

Patrick Junior Leon Cottle, co-founder of the St.Vincent and the Grenadines Cannabis Revivial Committee (SVGCRC), adresses in this video the group attending the 13th Informal Drug Policy Dialogue, organised by TNI, WOLA and Intercambios-Puerto Rico in San Juan (Puerto Rico) between 23 and 25 of April.

Since he was unable to attend the Dialogue, he spoke with this video-message on the issue of cannabis cultivation in the region, and the importance to take into account the farmers perspective in the debate about cannabis regulation.

See original article by Alonzo Stephen