A Poem by Lloyd Narcisse


The Presence……The Shining REGAL Presence

A Poem By Lloyd Narcisse

burmese lady in front of painting

Since She was in tribal dress

Attending the Forum

None of us wondered

Where She was from


Instead we basked in Her radiance

This Matriarch of the Shan

Treasuring each loving glance

Bequeathed to every woman and man


Of course this Presence,…

Had its effect on me


I was totally unprepared,

To hear Her story


This beautiful woman

Bedecked in finery

Spread a joy and solace among us

Which denied the tragedy;…………………


Of a life of travail

Toil and slavery

During which She married

and raised a family


Living a life in which

They and five children

Were always Set Upon….

In a Golden Triangle??

Forced to farm Opium??


Incarceration, torture and murder

Which took away Her husband

Has not diminished the Power

That She shines upon the land


Rather Her power is  ENHANCED

……Seems to Me

I sat beside Her and asked myself

How could this be??


How could She still remain

Such a Loving, wonderful thing……….

Remaining Regal

In  the face of men

Who declare themselves; King


I am One King


On This Day

When I Grow Up

I will be………

Just like HER!!

Photo credit: Floris Leeuwenberg
Photo credits: Floris Leeuwenberg