The Farmers voice heard in New York, February 9 and 10, 2016

GFPPP T-shirt (Photo credit: Floris Leeuwenberg)
GFPPP T-shirt (Photo credit: Floris Leeuwenberg)

At the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS), celebrated next April 19-21, the future of drug policies will be at stake. On the road to UNGASS, on February 10 the United Nations hosted a Stakeholders Consultation to get contributions from Civil Society organisations, in which the Global Farmers Forum had a representative speaker. Also, the Inter-parliamentary Union hosted a two days debate on drug policy, and Open Society Foundations hosted an event on Drugs and Development where several Global Forum participants addressed the public sharing the Heemskerk Declaration.

Listen to Pedro Arenas; please see the following video (starting at 26:00)

At the UN Stakeholders Consultation, listen to Vicki Hanson; please see the following video (starting at 26:25)

At the Open Society Foundations event, hosting an international panel from Colombia, Morocco, Peru, and the United States the role of drug crop production in poverty and development was discussed